The church has a Welfare Committee which oversees the welfare state of church members. The active group has dedicated members who are devoted to visitation, counseling and prayers. They regularly identify the sick, the aged, the needy and those who for one reason of the other, have not been in church. With the support of the church, the Welfare Team also gives gifts to aged members of the church during festive periods. They also arrange the giving of Holy Communion to members who can no longer come to church programs. Under the present leadership of the church, new members have been visited and regular members have enjoyed more visits.

The church also sets out financial helps to genuine needs of members of the church; to help out especially in the academic pursuits of members; business and other more important request. Thorough examination of several requests is made to ascertain on the importance and genuineness of need.

Feed The Hungry

Is a ministry under the Welfare Ministry of the church which was inaugurated on the 17th of May, 2015 to mark the one year ministry of Ven. Collins Babalola in the church. The ministry aims at feeding the hungry within and outside the church- to essentially draw them to a better fellowship with God.

The ministry is coordinated by Pharm. O. Adekunle which is mandated with the task of organizing the effective distribution of food stuffs (rice, beans, garri, oil, salt, etc) to the needy. The distribution is done at the third Sunday of each month. Members of the church are contributors to the project and the church also gives to meet up for the demand as needy members are registered prior to the date of distribution.