True Witness (John 20:19-31)

Jesus must have appeared to His disciples for obvious reasons. First to still their fears and deal with the uncertainties resulting from all that had happened. “Peace(Shalom) be with you” was the best greeting to give to the disciples in their state. Notice the repeated declaration of peace (vs. 19,21,26).

Secondly, it was so show Himself as a proof of His resurrection. Before the disciples could be true witnesses of this fact, they needed to see the risen Jesus themselves. It might have been easy to argue against Christ’s resurrection, but Thomas question provided the basis for a sure evidence for the certainty of this event. Sometimes we also struggle with some aspects of our faith like Thomas. We can always depend on the Lord to sort out all our doubts. For all who share Thomas’declaration in v. 28 belongs the blessing of v. 29

The third reason for Jesus’ appearance to the disciples was to commission and empower them to be witnesses of what their eyes had seen, their ears had heard and their hands had touched.

Reflection: What do you do with the insight you gain from the scriptures?

Prayer: Lord, please make me a true witness of the gospel

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