The Stone Had Been Taken Away (John 20:1)

John 20:1-10 focuses on the starting discovery of Mary Magdalene when she got to the tomb of Jesus in the early hours of the first day of the week. She discovered that the stone covering Jesus’ tomb had been taken away before her arrival there.

This discovery made her suspect that the body of Jesus had been taken away by some unknown persons to an unknown destination. So, she quickly, rushed to Peter and John and reported this disquieting discovery to them. Her report naturally ignited a quick response from these disciples who ran to the grave and confirmed her report. They saw and believed but they were probably shocked and confused. “For as yet they did not know the scripture, that He must rise again from the dead”. John 20:9

The fact here is that the stone had been taken away by Jesus resurrection power. And this resurrection power is still available today to remove every know and unknown stone, every hindrance and limitation and every stumbling block in the way of every true believer in Christ. Remember His promise in Luke 1:37 that nothing shall be too difficult to do by God.

We must yield our lives completely to shim the only sabi our of the world; so that we can experience Hid resurrection power lifting away our existential burdens and setting us free from all our spiritual and physical encumbrances.

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