The growth and development of St. Anne’s choir was well documented in the 40th year anniversary book of the church. However, for record purposes and to refresh our memory, some historical facts are highlighted in this edition as follows: The choir is as old as the church because of its strategic role at church services. Thus, as soon as the church started in 1961, Mr. I. Olu Phillips was the choir master while Mr. Oloyede, an organist was seconded from the Cathedral of St. James’ to the new church. The choristers were drawn from St. Anne’s School and from Mrs. Tanimowo Ogunlesi’s Children Home School. Some of the early choristers were Mr. J. A. Oloruntunji, Prince S. A. Anjorin, Mr. A. O. Johnson, Miss O. Olugbesan, Miss Moni Oye, Mr. I. Arowoyo, Mr. Ayo Omotoso, Mr. A. B. Adepeju to mention a few.

At the inception, many people voluntarily played the organ on a temporary basis until the church appointed Oba Ogunruku as the first full-time Organist. He was succeeded by Mr. Segun Omideyi who served for only a few months and left. Omideyi was succeeded by Mr. Segun Roberts in September, 1970 and served until December, 1975. The tenure of Mr. Roberts marked the beginning of many good and significant developments in the musical aspect and spiritual upliftment of the church’s worship. He composed – “Kabiyesi o, hosanna o, eyin Jesu Kristi Oba Aiku”. This song was very popular in and outside the Anglican Church for many years. In fact, it is still as popular today as it was when it was composed.

The first paid organists were engaged following the tenure of Mr. Roberts and the first was Mr. Sola Adejoorin and the second was Mr. Olaolu Ijaduola. Mr. Adejoorin’s stay was short-lived thus leaving Mr. Ijaduola who doubled as the Organist and Choir Master. He was assisted on voluntary service to the church by Messrs M. A. Makinde and A. K. Ogunkoya. Like in the tenure of Mr. Roberts, the musical aspect of the church got a boost with the production of “Iwe Orin Mayowa” – a collection of Yoruba songs by Mr. Olaolu Ijaduola. The collection was printed by the Anglican Youth Fellowship Society of the church. The booklet was used along with them Yoruba Hymn Book.

In 1991, Mrs. Deke Ogundele was engaged as Assistant Organist, a position she held until 1999 when she was elevated to the position of Organist. As highlighted in the 40th year commemorative book, the church choir experienced a series of hiccups in the 1980’s and 1990’s which adversely affected the growth and by extension, the performance of the choir in the rendition of good music and soul-lifting songs during church services and festivals. The situation became very worrisome to the PCC and the congregation at large and efforts were made to arrest it in view of the pivotal role of the choir in any place of worship.

To the Glory of God, with the appointment of Mrs. Deke Ogundele as Organist coupled with the efforts of successive Vicars and the PCC Committee on Choir Welfare, stability had been restored and palpable good progress has been recorded to the admiration of the parishioners and visitors.