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“Take away the dross from the silver and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer” -(Prov. 25:4).

Everything God has made, He has made for a purpose for Himself and or for the good of humanity. Some of those things which He has created are useful in their raw state but most have to go through processing before they could serve the purpose of their creation.

One of such created things or materials is “Silver”. Silver is a precious shiny-grayish, white metal. Although it is relatively scarce, it is the most plentiful and least expensive of the precious metals. Silver more than other precious metals, has significant demand rooted in sectors as diverse as imaging, electronics, jewelry, coinage, superconductivity and water purification. Today silver is indispensable, working all round us to improve the quality of our lives.

As precious and useful as silver is, it usually goes through smelting process to remove its dross before it can serve any useful purpose. The word “dross” means rubbish, junk, debris, chaff etc. or impurities in “Silver” which arise during smelting process. When a metal is melted, it oxidizes, forming a layer of scum and impurities which float to the surface as the metal heats up. This dross can be skimmed from the metal so that the refined product will become pure.

People of God, God has called us to use us to reveal His glory in the world; to be agents for the expansion of His Kingdom or the enforcement of His will here on earth and to be builders of the body of Christ together with Him. However, for us to be in the best state whereby God could use us to achieve these purposes there are traits or attributes that are regarded as “dross” i.e. rubbish or chaff that must be removed from our lives.

It is not every pastor, evangelist or worker in the Church that is being used by God to achieve His glory. Anyone who wants to be truly used for God’s glory must examine his or her life to find out those things that can be described as dross and with the help of God get rid of them.

So, are you already a worker in God’s vineyard or do you consider yourself being used of God in any way? Better still, do you want to occupy your place in God’s scheme of things in these last days? Submit yourself for sincere and thorough spiritual cleansing today and you will be amazed at what God can do with your life.

God bless you.

Your Vicar & Friend.

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