St. Anne’s Day Celebration

The St. Anne’s Day celebration can be said to be the Founder’s Day Celebration of the church. Over the years, the church has adopted the 26th day of July as its foundation day though the first service was held in April, 1961. The day is traditionally marked with Holy Communion Service while the thanksgiving proper is usually the last Sunday in the month of July. Until 2001, the celebration had been marked with a three-day revival, a communion service on 26th of July and the thanksgiving session on Sunday.

As the Church was warming up for the 40th Anniversary, the Vicar then, the Ven. R.M. Okeremi, now Rt. Revd R. M. Okeremi inaugurated the 40th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee to plan series of activities to mark the week-long programme. This committee came up with one of the now, well-celebrated church ceremonies, Dinner With Jesus.

Dinner With Jesus

Dinner with Jesus, the initiative of the 40th Anniversary Planning Committee of St. Anne’s Church, came into being in 2001 when the Ven. R.M. Okeremi, was the Vicar. It was conceived to be an evangelical programme for all, particularly the middle class and the elites who usually would not attend the mid-week spiritual programmes of the church.

For this reason, it was agreed that for this kind of programme to be attractive to the elites and the middle class, a serene environment outside the church be sought as the venue. The maiden edition of the dinner with Jesus was held on Thursday, 27th July, 2001 inside the Wallan Hall of D’Rovans Hotel, Ring Road, Ibadan (now, Wallan Hotel).

Other features of the dinner apart from the message usually delivered by a powerful minister of the word and donation from disciples include inviting a testifier to come and testify to the goodness of God in his or her life, music ministration and of recent, showers of blessing wherein prizes are won by ticket holders at the dinner. This has, to a greater extent, sustained the interest of our youth in the programme. The Dinner has since inception won many souls for Christ going by the number of people responding to altar calls.

The Octogenarian Awards

This is another major event usually celebrated in the church and planned by the Special Programme Committee of PCC. The first edition of the programme was held in December 2003 when the Ven. R. M. Okeremi was Vicar of the church. It is an annual event of recognition of those who have attained the age of 80 years and above.

The idea of the Vicar then, was to appreciate the aged members of the congregation in their life time. Some of their good deeds and contributions to the spiritual and physical growth of the church are read to their hearing at the celebration. Each awardee at the ceremony is presented a certificate and a medallion of high quality.

The Octogenarian Honours and Awards ceremony is now usually held in the month of October of every year.


Generally speaking, Harvest from time immemorial has always been a celebratory and a thanks offering event in the whole of Christendom. At St. Anne’s Church, harvest is a thanks giving event which started with the founding of the church in 1961. The event grew with the church and has remained a major source of revenue till date.

Harvest in St. Anne’s Church is grouped under the following sub-headings viz: Juvenile, and Church harvests.

Juvenile Harvest

The Youths of the Church and pupils of the Sunday school serves as the engine room of the juvenile harvest. Since the event is solely their affair, youths are given a wide­ ranging opportunity to organize it. Juvenile Harvest is usually a one-week event that takes place in August. Activities marking the week usually start on Monday with an Anointing Service.

Other various fund-raising activities like Variety Concert, Religious Drama, Quiz Competition, also form part of the programme. The thanksgiving comes up on the following Sunday. During the service, some of the children at the Sunday school and Primary school are chosen as celebrants e.g. Chairmen and Special Guests.

The grand finale is the funfair which comes up on Monday, following the thanksgiving service.

Church Harvest

It is a spirit-filled event which is celebrated with pomp and pageantry on the second Sunday in November during mattins. Apart from choosing some members from societies as special guests of honour, five or six societies also serve as chairmen of the day.

One of the newest innovations is the celebration of eminent persons in the church as father, mother, sons, daughters and grand-daughters of the year. These children of God always donate generously. This innovation came up during the year 2001 harvest. After the service, instead of going home, the congregation is brought together under one roof to eat and drink. This is what we refer to as the Love Feast.
Donations from the congregation in cash and kind form a greater part of the funding of the exercise.