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Date: 23-08-2015

Text: Matthew 8: 23-26


It cannot be over emphasised that this world is full of storms and evil. They come in different forms. They can come in the form of marital misunderstanding, academic frustration, stagnation at work, sickness and all kind of spiritual attacks. Storms are everywhere. Some are obvious and some are not obvious.

Christ has told us Christians beforehand that in this life we will face tribulations but we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. As many as the storms are, there are also many victories that we have in Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are advised to put on the whole armour of God because of the different attacks of the enemy.

One of the strategies of battle is to know your enemy. You must know the resources available to him, his weaknesses and his strengths. Most people don’t channel their energy into the right place. When they go through storms the first person they blame is God. There is no way you can win a battle when you are fighting your ally. God is our friend. God said, “When thou passeth through water, when thou passeth through fire I will be with thee”.

People also like to point accusing fingers to others for their problems. We have not been called as Christians to accuse people. Human beings are not your problem. Sometimes we blame ourselves and wallow in self-pity leaving the real source of our problems. The real and only person that brings storm is Satan (1 Peter 5:8).

Satan exists in three forms:

  1. Lucifer – God did not create him as the devil. He was an angel. He wanted to exalt himself above God. For this reason he was ejected from heaven by God.
  2. Demons – These are angels that fell with Lucifer. They work for Lucifer. They bring storms into peoples’ lives.
  3. Human agents – They occupy the minds of some people. They work for Lucifer. Even though they are human. It’s the spirit behind them we should fight.

Knowing that God and human beings are not our problems should give us a victory mentality for the rest of our lives.

Matthew 8:23-32 shows us that:

  1. Storm usually arises when God is about to enlarge our coast. The Storm arose when Jesus wanted to go and preach the gospel in another place.
  2. Storm also happens when God wants to do a new thing. After the episode of the storm, Jesus delivered a man that was possessed with demons.
  3. Following Christ is a guarantee that storms will come our way.
  4. Though it may seem God is unaware of the storms in our lives but He is not. Don’t lose hope.
  5. The only way to silence the storms of our lives is to bring them to God. We ought to cry to God to save us.
  6. The disciples during the storm called Jesus Lord. Anyone that God will save must have given his life to Jesus as his Lord and saviour.
  7. God does not want us to be afraid. We are not meant to be afraid. Fear during the time of storm is an indication that we don’t have faith in God. We cannot get anything from God without faith. For without faith, it is impossible to please God.
  8. The disciples marveled. They acknowledged the miracle. A lot of us are in a storm because we did not testify about the storm Jesus rebuked for us. The bible says we overcame Satan by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony.


Jesus wants to calm the storm in your life. There is no problem greater than Jesus. All we need to do is to call on Him, believe in Him and hold on to His unchanging hands.