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Date: 15-11-2015

Text: Numbers 13:26-33


To live by faith is not to live by sight. It’s been established that there’s no way one can be a Christian without learning how to live by faith. The bible says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” We are called to please God. Everything we do is supposed to be in line with the pleasure of God. We cannot do this by living by sight.

King James Version of the bible talks about walking by sight. The walk in this context is a metaphor for the way we conduct ourselves. God wants us to conduct our lives based on faith. The bible also says, “The just shall live by faith.” Faith is imperative in the life of a Christian. Everything we do is by faith.

What does it mean to live by sight? The sight stands for human senses- the sense of sight, the sense of touch, the sense of hearing etc. A Christian does not wait until he sees before he believes the word of God. A person living by faith does not depend on his senses. You will not enjoy God when you depend on your senses. Those who live by sight depend on their senses. The word of God is bigger than whatever challenge we are facing.

The spies sent by Moses to Canaan did not live by faith (Numbers 13:26-33). Only Caleb and Joshua returned with a positive report. They did not walk by sight. Most of us live our lives based on our problems. God is bigger than our problems. A person that lives by sight is always a discourager. A person that discourages people from obeying the word of God is not a Christian. Such a person is faithless. We are to encourage one another. Most of us do not live by faith but by sight. That is why we are not experiencing the power of God.

Ecclesiastes 11:4 says, “He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.” Any Christian that lives by sight will not make progress in his walk with God. A person living by faith knows that the word of God is always true. “Let all men be liars and God be true.


It does not matter how we feel, God’s word will stand. To live by faith is to believe all things are possible. Living by faith means allowing the word of God to condition your life.