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Date: 25-10-2015

Text: John 11:40 12:33

The Life of Faith IV


Faith is believing God for what you need, calling those things that are not as if they were. Anybody that puts his faith in God with the desire of receiving will receive fully from Him. You can only trust God through faith because God is self-existing. The more of God you know, the more of His glory you will see. How much of God do you know? When you locate yourself in God’s plan, you do not need to envy others. Your faith in God helps you to live the certainty for the uncertainty. Your faith in God is a vital key to bring God’s glory upon your life. Do not give up. Do not be weary. Put your faith in God.

The family of Mary, Martha and Lazarus loves Jesus. Anytime Jesus passed through Bethany, they accommodated Jesus. There was a problem, a trial of faith in the family- Lazarus died. Even though they had a relationship with Jesus but Lazarus died.

What are the lessons we can learn?

  1. Being a Christian does not mean that you will never go through any problem.
  2. Whenever situations or problems that are bigger than your power enter into your life, take it to the Lord in prayer. Even though by tradition, Lazarus was supposed to be buried immediately, they called upon the Lord.
  3. When you pray remember that you are not sending breaking news to God. God knows about your situation. When you pray and answers do not come immediately it is not that He is not aware but it is for His glory to be manifested. The scriptures says His arms are not too short to reach into your situation.
  4. Whatever He permits to enter into our lives is for a purpose. The purpose in the case of Lazarus’ death was for the name of God to be glorified.
  5. Never give up on God.


What are you passing through? Do not give up. It is for the glory of God. Our breakthrough is not tied to how difficult our situation is but our level of faith.