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Date: 16-08-2015

Text: John 10:11

Jesus described Himself as the good shepherd. He was accomplishing what the prophets had said in the Old Testament. In Ezekiel 34:23, the Lord through Prophet Ezekiel said “I will send you a shepherd”, a leader who guides people as the shepherd leads his sheep. The Old Testament prophet used this metaphor many times. From Moses in Number 27:15-17 all the way to Ezekiel 34:1-10, 53. A sheep must hear the word of his master. The master must also hear the voice of the sheep. In Ezekiel 34, God described two types of shepherd- The bad shepherd that does not take care of the sheep and the good shepherd.

What does a good shepherd do?

  1. A good shepherd leads you on the part of righteousness, makes sure you make heaven and make sure you do things of God.
  2. He makes sure husband and wife are living peacefully.
  3. He ensures that you study the word of God diligently.
  4. He cares for you when you are sick.
  5. He ensures he tames you when you are getting out of hand.
  6. He labours out of love.
  7. He has a heart for his sheep.
  8. He gives his life for the sheep just like Jesus did.
  9. He feeds his sheep.
  10. He leads his sheep wisely.

We are shepherd in our own individual way. A father for example is the shepherd of the home and it is his duty for his family to live in the path of Christ. It is our duty to lead people aright.
Man is a tripartite being made up of the spirit, soul and the body. All these components must be developed in that other. Your spirit-man must be given the greatest priority, followed by your soul, then your body. The body should not be developed to the detriment of the spirit and the soul. A person that is not born again has a dead spirit and his soul is heading to hell. The flesh is in charge of the life of a person that is not saved. The flesh is subject to sin and therefore a slave to Satan. Wherever the flesh rules, Satan is in control (Romans 8 and Galatians 5:19). The flesh cannot draw you to God. It will you only separate you from God and keep your spirit-man dead. The longer you live in flesh, the weaker you become in the spirit. If you can be born again and develop your spirit-man by feasting regularly on God’s word, praying in the Holy-Spirit, working in obedience to God and worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth, your limitation will give way to your empowered form. If you can operate in the spirit, all will be well with you.