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Date: 20-07-2015

Text: Psalm 82:5


At the beginning, God laid the earth on solid foundation. Psalms 82:5 refers to foundations and not foundation. The foundations refer to the foundation of the physical earth and the foundations of ever thing in it. The psalmist says the earth’s foundations are out of course. The foundations are no more in the correct positions.

In Luke 6:46, Jesus says it is possible for a man to be with or without foundation. Everything that we do is a form of building e.g. marital life and profession. Some build them on solid rocks while some build them on sand. Those built on sand will not be able to stand when wind blows. Men no longer pay the right kind of attention to foundations. Many of us no longer care about the quality of our foundations. Everything that is not built in accordance with the word of God is like building on sand. They will not stand. Most cultures and traditions that have endured have been built on the principles of the revelation of the word of God.

People that pay attention to the foundation are wise master-builders (1 Corinthians 3:10). God pays attention to foundations. A wise master-builder must take care of the foundation and must make sure the foundation is Jesus Christ. The foundations are out of course as written in Psalm 82:5 means there is a departure from the standard i.e. the word of God. Jesus Christ is the word of God. God has always found a way of revealing Jesus Christ in every culture and profession. Everything in accordance with righteousness is Jesus Christ. In everything that we do, there is only one foundation that can be laid, which is Jesus Christ. Ones there is a departure from the word of God, then we are out of course.

What is foundation? Foundation is the massive structure that provides support for the weight of a building. We have to have a foundation to be the kind of Christian God wants to be. There has to be foundations for families, nations. There will be afflictions when the foundations of our lives are not right until something is done (Isaiah 54:11). Wind will not be able to pull down a building with the right and strong foundation. Expert builders pay attention to correct foundations.

In Hebrew 6:1-2, Paul says we should leave the elementary (foundation) of Christ and go to perfection. You cannot go to perfection when you have not done the elementary. Foundations of Christianity are:

  1. Repentance from dead works.
  2. Faith in God.
  3. Water baptism.
  4. Holy Ghost baptism.
  5. Judgement.
  6. Resurrection from the dead.
  7. Eternal life. etc…


Solid buildings, lives, vocations, professions and nations always have firm foundations. They are always built in accordance to the master’s specifications. There will be trouble if we deviate from the specifications. We should begin to pay close attention to our foundations. Make sure your foundation is very solid.

We will fail in the future if we do not pay attention to foundations. The problems we have in the world today are caused by wrong foundations. God is calling us to go back to the foundations. God can undo our past if we cry for mercy. There is hope.