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Date: 09-08-2015

Text: Acts 2: 41-42


The scriptures says anyone that cannot be like little children or allow the word of God to dwell richly in his heart or do not imbibe the characters of Christ is not allowing his life to be transformed like that of Jesus Christ.

The bible says after the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down and sat on the disciples like tongues of fire and the disciples began to speak in different tongues. Peter that denied Jesus thrice out of fear was transformed and He began to preach. Three thousand souls were added to the church of God. If you allow yourself to be transformed, you will be in the image of Christ. Peter allowed the Holy Spirit to come into his life and He was transformed. In other words, he acknowledged his sinfulness and he did not allow his sins to take him away eternally from God. In verse 15, the bible says Peter with the other disciples was bold. He was transformed.

What is conviction? Conviction is to prove that someone is guilty of a crime in a law court. You need to accept that your adamic nature of sinfulness must be done away with. There’s no one who has not gotten a past. Any Christian who has fallen into sin before would have been convicted so He can be transformed. What is transformation? It is a complete or major change in someone or something’s appearance. When you undergo Christ’s transformation, you come out clean and complete. You cannot have a physical transformation until you have a spiritual transformation.

Anybody who allows himself/herself to be transformed begins to live a holy life. Holiness consists of three things:

  1. Holiness is separation from sin (Ezekiel 18:3). God is aware of every secret sin in your life. You need to separate yourself from it. You also need to separate yourself from doubt. If you want your life to be transformed, you need to live a life of faith in Jesus.
  2. Holiness is dedication to God (2 Corinthians 5:17). If you want your life to be transformed in serving God, your pocket also must be transformed. Anytime you give to your neighbours, you have done it to God. Your giving life must be transformed. Your faith life must be transformed. The way you live with your family members must be transformed. You must not continue in the old nature.
  3. Holiness is transformation into Christ’s image (Romans 12:2). When you are transformed into Christ’s image, every part of your life will be transformed. You must have a contact with Jesus Christ before you can be transformed. Saul on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians had a contact with Jesus and was transformed to Paul. Anyone who wants to be transformed must submit everything including his future into the hands of God.


The same Jesus who by grace transformed Peter and Paul can save every aspect of your life. He is in the business of transformation of lives. For your life to be transformed, you must acknowledge your sinfulness. You must acknowledge your inabilities. If you depend on your knowledge, your education or family background, you can be limited.