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Jesus is the vine image

In the John 15, the bible tells us that God is the husbandman, Christ is the vine and we are the branches. The text talks about fruitfulness. Verse 2 explains that we are called out not unto just anything but Christ has called us out unto fruitfulness. The reason why a tree has branches is to produce, network, spread out and be fulfilled. That is why we are called out as branches. Every tree bears fruit on its branch. The number of branches a tree has will most likely determine how fruitful it will be. So our purpose as branches is to bear fruits. We have been called forth because the harvest is plenty and so that we might also go in and bear fruit (Luke 10:2).

Rom. 11:21 tells us that those that are originally part of the plant were cut off because they were not productive just as in John 15:2. For us to be fruitful in God’s kingdom:

  1. We need to be separate. 2 Cor. 6:17 says come out among them and be ye separate. For a man to fulfill purpose and fruitful, he has to be separate. He has to dedicate his life Holy onto God.
  2. For us to be fruitful in this kingdom, we have to be grafted into Jesus John 1:12. Many times we stray but the grace to be grafted back into the kingdom is available to us through Jesus Christ.
  3. We need to be under God’s tutelage so that we may bear fruits (Psalm 1:1-3).


To be fruitful in this world, we need to be connected to the vine, Jesus Christ by being separate and through God’s grace and tutelage.