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What does it mean for God to be for us? It means He loves us and takes delight in us. There is nothing or nobody that can be against us if God loves us.

In Isaiah 63: 7-9, God says you are His people. He is going through whatever we are going through. The angels are at work on our behalves. He redeems us from all our troubles. He bears us like the eagle and He carries us. God is for you does not mean that all men will be for you.

The bible says the counsel of those that are against the people of God will not stand (Isaiah 8: 9-10). If God is for you, He will be against your enemies. When He is for you, all evil plans against you will be turned for your good. For God to be for you, it means He is you supporter. Let Him be your number one friend. Then, you can sleep even in the midst of storms.

If God be for you, these five things will happen to you:

  1. God will fight against your enemies.
  2. He will make you to prosper and enjoy good success.
  3. He will not allow any negative experiences of life to overwhelm you.
  4. There will be no mountain that you cannot climb nor valley that you cannot cross.
  5. He will make a way where there seems to be none.

There are conditions that must be fulfilled for God to be for you:

  1. You must be predestined.
  2. You must be called.
  3. You must be chosen (i.e. you must be justified. You must have confessed your sins. You must put your trust in Jesus as your saviour.)
  4. You must love God.
  5. You must walk in the fear of God.


When God is for you, there is nothing that can stand against you.