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Date: 12-07-2015

Text: Romans 12: 1-10


To challenge us about the role we are expected to play in the realization of our dream and vision of God’s purpose for our lives this year.


A church is supposed to be a love club made up of loving children of a loving God showing love first to themselves then to the world. The degree to which the church members love themselves is the degree to which they can love the world. There is no meaning in our spirituality, worship and service as Christians if we do not have the kind of love that impacts one another positively.

What is our dream and vision of God’s purpose for our lives this year? It is to go to higher ground. What does it mean to go to higher ground?

  1. To improve in every departments of our lives this year. Nobody is too old to improve in every way. It is God’s will for us to be better this year and always.
  2. To attain greater heights in our profession or vocation i.e. to experience enlargement of coast.

God wants us to be better spiritually, in our prayer lives, in our understanding of the things of the spirit, in our work and service unto God. He wants us to move from where we are now to a better place. Rev. 4:1 says Jesus appeared unto John the beloved and said to him, “come up hither”. The Lord our God dwells in high place higher than all of us. He wants us to dwell there with Him.

We need to understand the role of loving one another is supposed to play in realising our dream and vision. Loving one another will help us if we love ourselves in the right way. What does it mean to love? To love means to have a strong affection and sense of commitment towards ourselves.

We can help one another in love to go higher by:

  1. First knowing one another well enough. Any spirituality that does not have impact on our neighbours is vain.
  2. By praying for one another with knowledge and understanding.
  3. Recommending one another and children for higher ground opportunities.
  4. Giving useful advice or admonition. God expects us to tell one another the truth in love.
  5. Taking advantage of our privileged position to assist one another.

We should not reward evil for good. The bible says we will reap what we sow (Psalm 109:5 and Prov. 17:13). Let us appreciate kindness and repay with goodness.


Let us care for one another. We are going higher this year.