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Date: 08-11-2015

Text: Psalm 100, Genesis 8: 20-22


Anyone living in our present situation in Nigeria today has a reason to thank God. Many of us have received so much from God that we have taken it for granted to thank Him. We have been blessed of God with life but we take God for granted.

Harvest time is a time to thank God. Many born-again Christians, given the gift of eternal life, must learn to give thanks to God at all time. Psalm 100:1 says, “make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. We need to thank God for whom He is and what He has done.”

We can learn from Psalm 100 that:

  1. God is worthy of praise (Psalm 100:1). We are to express our gratitude to the Lord in an audible manner.
  2. God is worthy of our service. Verse 2 says serve the Lord with gladness: come before him with joyful noise.

How can we serve the Lord?

  1. We can serve Him with humility. You cannot serve anyone without being humble.
  2. We need to serve the Lord with fidelity. Service without faithfulness is betrayal. You need to be faithful in your service to God.
  3. We can serve the Lord in our activities. You cannot serve someone without doing anything. God is more concerned with what we are than what we do because what we are will determine what we do.
  4. We are to serve God with joyfulness and gladness of heart (Deuteronomy 28:47).

A greedy man is destined to a life of unhappiness because physical things, earthly positions or earthly achievements cannot meet spiritual needs. The body will always want more. It is only spiritual needs when done in spirit and in truth that can give you satisfaction.

God has given you plenty. So, share it. He did not give it to you solely for your own benefit. He placed it in your hands to see what kind of servant you will be. He gave you all you have so you can be His person, His ambassador so you can do with it the same thing He will do.” Jesus says when we act in kindness, blessing others, it is as though we have done it to Him (Matthew 25:42-45). The essence of what God has blessed you with is to bless others.


Let us demonstrate a sense of gratitude to God. Let us show joy to the Lord. Let us give bountifully to appreciate God of harvest. Above all, Jesus Christ has died for us. One day, there will be end time harvest. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?