OBEDIENCE IS REWARDED -Genesis 22: 15 – 19

Obedience is the key to fulfilling our destiny. It is total surrender to God’s will and, therefore, he easiest way of attracting God’s blessings to our lives. In this passage, God was evidently moved by Abraham’s obedience and immediately pronounced blessings on him and his posterity spoke in tongues.

We know that God abhors human sacrifice and would severely punish all those who indulge in it as Scripture warns us. However, the pagans in Canaan routinely sacrificed their children to idols; so in asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac,. God was testing Abraham’s faith in Him, to see if he was willing to give up what he valued most as a sign of devotion to Him. We give total obedience to God only when we completely trust in His love and faithfulness; and Abraham passed the test with flying colours!

We can only meaningfully claim that Abraham’s blessings are ours when we follow Abraham’s example of complete love for, trust in, and obedience to God, even when it doesn’t make sense as in this case. Such complete (and some would say, irrational)
obedience to God, is the key to unlocking the blessings of God in our lives, families, businesses, careers, ministry, etc.

Prayer: Help me Lord to consistently walk in total obedience to Your Word.

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