Learning From Failure

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Text: Genesis 4:1-3.5

God created Eve to fill an unmet need in Adam’s otherwise perfect world.

She entered a land free from pain, heartache, and sin, but her fluctuating emotions made obedience a struggle. Eventually She influenced Adam to join her in sin. Their choice to follow Satan rather than God brought devastating consequences that continue to plague us even today.

Eve exchanged a life without pain for a hostile and even brutal environment. Yet her subsequent life demonstrated an ability to recover from failure and move forwards. She restored her relationship with God and when her first born child arrived, she acknowledged her dependence on God. While Scripture does not comment on her parenting skills, it does indicate that Cain developed a resentful and jealous spirit. As a result, Eve became the first mother to endure the heartache of a murdered child.

Eve did not use her pain as an excuse to reject God or question Him, as she had in the garden. Nor did she allow a root of bitterness to spring up. When God gave her Seth, She expressed gratitude for this new life. Ultimately, Eve came to represent became a strong leader willing to accept the consequences of her choices and learn from her mistakes.

(Culled from The Maxwell Leadership Bible)

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