Like all other arms of Women Organizations, the Girls Guild was established by the Bishop’s wife in the 60’s to nurture the girls into adult Christians. The motto for the G.G. is: “We are for Christ”. This Youth Organization came into existence in St. Anne’s Church in 1980. It was introduced during the time of late Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Larewaju. The organization comprising young girls from ages 2 to 16 years is aimed at teaching girls to love God right from their youth. Meetings are held on Saturdays at 5.00 p.m.

The girls have been led in Bible study and other activities like knitting, cookery, sewing, etc. In addition, they also participated in camp meetings, Bible quiz competitions, seminars, excursions and essay competitions. The Requirements for enrollment over the years had been that members must accept:

  • Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and know
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Christian Creed
  • Aims and objectives of the Guild