Do Whatever He Says To You

Today is Mothering Sunday and out test today describes one of the activities in the life of Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Scripture tells us about her youth and how she lived a godly life. She was a virgin, full of God’s presence and faith. She believed God and His word (luke 1: 30-38). Her song, often referred to as the magnificent (Luke 1:46-55), contains several quotations from the Old Testament; an indication that she knew and loved the word. This probably is among the many reasons God the Father chose her as the mother of our Lord.

Her love and concern for others as a great intercession is highlighted in today’s passage. Wine ran out at the wedding feast which took place at Cana of Galilee. She took the burden to Hesus, he Son, who believed will do something to save the bridegroom and family from embarrassment. Cocksure that Jesus will do something, she went ahead and pleaded with the servants, “whatever he says to you, do it” Jesus did intervene by turning water into wine(vs 7-10). The master of the banquet was amazed that the bridegroom has reserved the best wine till the last not knowing that a miracle had taken place. Let us thank God for women whose ways and conduct are like that of Holy Mary, the Mother of Jesus in their homes and workplaces. We are all called to the ministry of intercession


Lord, make me your chosen vessel and use me as a channel of blessing to the world. Amen.

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