It is a common practice in Anglican churches to have Christian societies. Parishioners come together to form societies while others join any one of their choices.
The essence of the societies is to:

  • Foster the spirit of brotherly love and Christian fellowship.
  • Encourage members to be present at all church programmes.
  • Develop programmes that will reveal our Lord Jesus Christ to unbelievers and convince them to be His followers.
  • Initiate programmes and activities that will help fast track the progress and development of the church and the congregation.
  • Serve as a forum to easily identify challenges facing members of the society.
Over the past 50 years, the church had witnessed a phenomenal growth in the number of societies from just two (2) in 1961 to twenty-five (25) in the year 2011.

The societies are highlighted as follows:

# Society (Name) Founded (Year)
01. Anglican Christian Fellowship (A.Y.F.) 1961
02. Ore-Ofe 1961
03. Young Men Christian Association (Y. M. C. A.) 1962
04. Young Women Christian Association (Y. M. C. A.) 1962
05. Irepodun 1962
06. Isokan 1962
07. Itesiwaju 1965
08. Christian Social Union (C. S. U.) 1965
09. Fountain Of Hope (F. O. H.) 1968
10. Ladies’ Christian Circle (L. C. C.) 1970
11. Christian Youth Association (C. Y. A.) 1971
12. Imole Kristi 1974
13. Morning Star 1976
14. Youth Christian Circle (Y. C. C.) 1978
15. Mob’Olorunduro 1980
16. Alafia 1982
17. Ambassadores Of Christ (A. O. C.) 1982
18. Young Christian Auxiliary (Y. C. A. S.) 1991
19. Onward Christian League (O. C. L.) 1996
20. Progressive Christian League (P. C. L.) 1997
21. Marvellous Light 1999
22. Blessed 2004
23. Christ Followers
24. Touch Bearers
25. Christian Friends
The successes and progress made by the church over these years would not have been possible without the contributions by the societies. No doubt, the strength is quite visible with the dynamism of the societies.