The Foundation And Early Members

The humble beginning of St. Anne’s Church on April 9, 1961 can be likened to the biblical mustard seed that had grown and become an oak tree with many branches. The group of worshippers at St. James Cathedral, Oke-Bola, Ibadan who voluntarily filled the form to commence worshipping at St. Anne’s Chapel in Molete can  best  be described as spirit-led and  therefore, deserve a place of honour anytime.

However, the names  given  in  available  records  by Ogunkoya (1979) and  reproduced  by  the  Onalaja-led Committee in 2001 can hardly be all inclusive as no proper record was kept at that  point in time. For example, at the inaugural service held by the Rt. Revd S.O. Odutola on Sunday, April 9, 1961, no record of attendance was taken. But an estimated number of 150 people were reported by Ogunkoya (1979). Furthermore, not all the people present at the first couple of services can be called pioneer members in the real sense. It is quite possible that some of the first worshippers never came back to the church for one reason or the other.

Among the people that opted to come to St. Anne’s Church were: Mr.& Mrs.  E. B. Osibo, Chief & Mrs. A. Okubadejo, Mr. & Mrs. F. O. Fisher, Dr. Alade Doherty, Mr. & Mrs. S. E. A. Sangowawa, Mr. & Mrs. S.O. Dawodu, Mr. & Mrs. T. O. Oduwole, Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Adereti, Mr. & Mrs J.S.K. Osibodu, Mr. & Mrs. Bola Ige, Mr. & Mrs. Abiodun Koya, Mr. & Mrs. M. O. Onalaja, Mr. & Mrs. M. I. Oduguwa, Mr. & Mrs. J. Olu Philips, Chief (Mrs.) Wuraola Esan, Mr. & Mrs. J.S. Ogunlesi, Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Okusanya, Mrs. C.O. Oremule, Mr. E.B. Adeoye, Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Olugbesan, Mr. & Mrs. L. Agbe-Davies, Mr. & Mrs. V.S.A. Ogungbuyi , Mr.  & Mrs. S.A.B. Olugbuyi, Mrs. F.I. Oye, Mr. & Mrs. O. Olugbekan, Miss J.O. Omojola, Mr. O. Soleye, Mr. T. Allen Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. E.O.J. Bamiro, Mr. H.O. Johnson, Mrs. A.J. Olufotebi,  Mr. & Mrs. S.O. Olufotebi, Mr. Moses Eniola, Miss Anike Bolajoko Karimu and Mr. Adesoji Anjorin. Some of the youths amongst them were Biyi Adewale and Moni Oye.

The Clergy

The Clergy is the group of ordained people, consecrated for unique ministry for a particular church or denomination.  In the Anglican Church, the three orders of clergy are deacons, priests and bishops.  In over the last fifty years of her existence, St. Anne’s Church has been under the spiritual guidance of these categories of clergy.

At the inception of the church in 1961, services were conducted by priests seconded from the Cathedral of St. James, Oke-Bola, Ibadan or the Diocesan himself. For instance, the Rt.  Revd S.O. Odutola conducted the inaugural service on Sunday, 9th April, 1961 at 9.30a.m inside the old church. On Sunday, the 16th April, 1961, the Ven. Archdeacon I. G. A. Jadesimi (later Rt. Revd Jadesimi), the Provost of St. James’ Cathedral and the superintending Vicar of the new church conducted the morning service at 9.30a.m.

The official list of the past and present vicars that have served in the church is represented in the table below :

# Name Tenure
01. The Revd J. A. Asa 23/04/61 – 02/09/62
02. The Revd R. S. O. Alao 13/01/63 – 27/12/64
03. The Revd A. O. Awosan 31/12/64 – 11/09/66
04. The Revd D. O. Jaiyeola 01/10/66 – 25/12/66
05. The Revd J. O. Opelami 31/12/66 – 31/12/72
06. The Revd J. O. B. Omonije 04/01/73 – 16/09/73
07. The Revd Segun Ogunlade 17/09/73 – 01/10/74
08. The Revd A. S. O. Olowoyo 11/10/74 – 31/08/75
09. The Revd J. A. Adebamiwa 01/09/75 – 30/05/77
10. The Revd J. A. Larewaju 14/03/78 – 01/09/84
11. The Revd J. A. Omotoye 01/09/84 – 02/02/86
12. The Ven. J. A. Iluyomade 01/02/86 – 10/01/95
13. The Ven. R. M. Okeremi 01/04/95 – 30/04/2005
14. The Ven. J. O. Woranola 05/05/2005 – 16/05/2014
15. The Ven. C. O. Babalola 16/05/2014 – 10/07/2017
16. The Ven. Adewale Sanda 10/07/2017 – Till date