Break Your Alabaster Box Of Ointment (Matthew 26:1-16)

In Bethany, where Jesus was hosted, a woman came with an alabaster box of oil. Although she was not the host, she was determined to break such a costly ointment  and pour it all on Jesus. Others considered it a waste but Jesus commended the act as ‘good work’ and thus it earned her a memorial. One noteworthy thing is that a woman made the best use of the opportunity of Jesus’ presence in the house and was not troubled by people’s comments but focused on her object of worship.

What is it that you hold so precious?  You have a type of alabaster box of oil that is so costly, that is your life. Pour it out on Him irrespective of what people say you think. Be focused on God and your life will be a memorial of His grace and blessings. However, Judas could not see any good in the woman’s action rather, he considered it as a waste. He valued the ‘price’ of the ointment and not the person of Jesus. No wonder he went out in haste and would Jesus for the price of a slave. Let them be such that bring glory and honour to God and not for greedy gain.

Prayer: Dear Lord, you gave your life for me. I bring my heart to your sacred altar and lay it before you. I adore you with my life and all. Amen.

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