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Learning From Failure

Text: Genesis 4:1-3.5 God created Eve to fill an unmet need in Adam’s otherwise perfect world. She entered a land free from pain, heartache, and sin, but her fluctuating emotions made obedience a struggle. Eventually She influenced Adam to join her in sin. Their choice to follow Satan rather than

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A Sheep Or A Goat?

The Bible’s use of goats and sheep as metaphors for Christians may be known to some of us. However most people in the Church seem to be more familiar with sheep but our mental picture of goats is usually vague. God uses the goat to symbolize evil in numerous instances

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Destiny Preservation

(Gen 28:15; Jer 1:1-5) God has a good and great destiny for all His children in Christ, but there are evil powers which seek to re-arrange or destroy such destiny by using spells, incantations and all sorts of rituals. They cause Christians to make costly mistakes in order to remove

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A Craving For Deep Rest

The world and it’s voices of influence, humanistic subtleties, and constant technology and it’s sounds, bring about an overload of weariness to all people, and there is a greater need for a place of rest for the warriors of truth who are very aware of the pressures that have not

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More Than Conquerors II

Paul says that we are “more than conquerors” “in all these things”, most of us have the idea that victory occurs when we are living lives that are free from troubles, afflictions and heartaches. Paul says that reality is something far different. We are Super Conquerors in spite of everything

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