Agent Of Unity Or Division (1 Cor 1: 10-17)

One of the strategies of the devil against the church is disunity. He sponsors division by coating it with reasons that may look legitimate but are actually very unspiritual. Once a church is divided, God’s presence there is greatly hindered. Individual lives cannot be edified; growth is stunted and evangelism takes back seat. These defeat the purpose of the main mission of the church. Paul saw through this and tackled it headlong in the Corinthians church. What do you think were the main reasons for this division? (v 12). Are you personally siding with a figure in Christ’s church to destroy it?

Notice that although some of the people were on Paul’s side, he did not tolerate this. It did not give him joy because it would destroy God’s purpose for the church in the end. To deal with it Paul pointed them to Jesus who was the One crucified for the Church (v 13). No other man has the right to take more recognition than Jesus who paid for the church with His life. Are you an agent of division or of unity? Do not be part of division in the church even if you were to “benefit” in any way. Such benefits are not real in the long run.

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